Cultivating from seed

For best results use a propagator with soil heating. Adjust the soil heating to 28 Celsius this is the optimum temperature to germinate cocaseeds. Next fill the propagator with Amazonian

remix soil or special seedling soil PH 5-6 EC O,5 mS

Spread the seeds over the soil and cover them up with 1 cm of soil. Now spray the soil with luke warm water but don’t make the soil to wet otherwise the seeds will rot or mould. Place the 

bonnet on the propagator and leave the ventilationshaft open so that some air and moisture can escape from the propagator, but not to much.

It will take 3-6 weeks before the first sprouts apear. Meanwhile spray the soil with water on a regular basis to prevent it from drying out. As long ass no seeds have been germinated the propagator can stand in the dark. As soon as the first seedling apears it is necessary to give light but not to bright , direct sunlight is a killer for seedlings. preferable use a Fluorescent lighting tube collor code 33 and give the seedlings 18 hours of light. Keep the light tube at a distance of 30 cm. The seedlings will thrive very well under a fluorescent lighting tube without any danger of burning. Young cocaplants need a higher air humidity. Keep the air humidity in the propagator around 80%. For the first three month’s it is necessary to leave the bonnet on the propagator. Let the young plants get used to a lower air humidity,it is necessary to lift the bonnet for a few minutes and extent this time every day. After aproximatly a month your plants will be used to a lower air humidity. This is the time to transplant to a bigger pot.  

Important: The first three month the seedlings require no fertilizer.