Growing information

Erythroxylum coca grows on the moist and warm slopes of the Eastern Andean mountains on an altitude from 1000 to 2.500 meters. The temperature in extremes can vary between 0-45 Celsius. Mostly it is between 15-30 Celsius which is an optimum. Temperatures under 0 celsius is a killer for cocaplants, but older plants can withstand a few degrees of frost for a few hours. Plants on higher altitudes often contain more alkaloids than on lower altitudes. This is in no relation to lower air pressure, as is often assumed, but to a better climate.

Plants growing on sea level in right conditons can contain as much alkaloids as on higher altitudes. Allso the less potent lowland Erythroxylum Ipadua is often confused with Eruthroxylum Coca which has led to the misconception that only on high altitudes potent cocaplants can be grown. Some plants catch abundant rain the whole year around, while others get only 4 month of rain, but because of deep rooting the plants can survive 8 month’s of drought. 

The cocaplant loves water, but hates to stand in soaked soil. That‘s the reason why she grows so well on steep mountainsloops where water runs of easily. This good drainage quality is of great importance when keeping an E.coca in a pot. The cocaplant is very adaptive to different climates but she will grow best in a stabile climate where the differences between day and night temperatures is not too much. This climat is similar to the climate in Central-Europe in the month’s of June - July -August. 

The ideal climate for a cocaplant: Temperature 15 and30 Celsius and an air humidity between 30 and 70% 

The Erythroxylum Novograenetens is mostly grown in semi arid regions. It is known as the rugged cocabush and can thrive in many circumstances. Yeald and quality is average. The Erythroxylum Truxillensis is the rarest of all cocaplants. It grows in the desert oasis on the westcoast of Peru at an altitude of 100-500 meters. An Arctic sea current cools the climate down to an average of 24 Celsius by day and 17 Celsius by night. It only rains once in a few years, but oasis springs provide the plants with sufficient water. The soil is very fertile too. Plants that are grown here are of the finest quality and have that distinctive aroma which is so typical for E.coca.