Coca Health

Coca leaves are consumed by chewing and drinking tea or drinking an alcoholic beverage containing cocaleaf extract (tonicum). Studies of various universities have shown that consumption of cocaleaf is not hazardous to your health and not addictive, it is even a valuable source of nutrients to keep you healthy. Consuming cocaleaves on a regular basis protects against cardio-vasculair diseases, colon cancer and tooth decay. This plant is medicinal against: altitude sickness, depression, obesity, high bloodpressure, astmatic bronchitis, diabetes, stomache and colon problems.

In the western world the cocaplant has a bad reputation because of the drug cocaine, we can hardly imagine that the consumption of cocaleaves is beneficial to our health because it contains cocaine! To understand this you have to know more about this plant. Apart from cocaine cocaleaves contain more types of alkaloids each with its own properties. These alkaloids work synergetic, that means that they reinforce each other; that’s why a few grams of cocaleaf are allready active.

By consuming 2 grams of cocaleaf with an alkaloid content of 1.25% you get about 25 milligram (=1/40 gram) of alkaloids such as cocaine, ecgonine, hygrine etc. This quantity is enough for a pleasant sensation, you will feel bright, stimulated and relaxed for about 4 hours. Apart from alkaloids cocaleaves contain a lot of proteins, vitamines, minerals and is rich in flavanoids (of which green tea is known to contain a lot off too) wich support the energy processes in your body. You will be stimulated on a mild and pleasant way without damaging your health. Cocaine (cocaine hydrochloride) is a chemical deriavate of the cocaplant which is extensively chemically treated and it lacks every comparison with the healthy cocaleaf.

Nutritional value of cocaleaves per 100 grams:

Proteine   19,9  gr          Vitamine alfa & beta caroteen   16,6 mg
Phosphoros  405 mg   B1 0,8 mg
Potassium   1110 mg   B3 1,7 mg
Calcium   2191 mg   B6 8,6 mg
Magnesium   911 mg   C 2,0 mg
Iron   36   mg   E 53 mg
Zinc   4,0 mg   H 0,5 mg
Boron   24  mg   Nicotinic acid 5,0 mg


Alkaloids are organic nitro based compounds which are produced by many plants. They form an energy reserve in metabolic processes of the plant and helps the plant to defend against insects and deseases. The chemical structure of alkaloids resembles xeronine which is allso produced by plants in very small amounts. Some plants metabolize their surplus of xeronine into alkaloids, and reverse this proces again if necessary. Xeronine is extreemly important for our metabolism and because of that is very quickly absorbed into our body. That is the reason why alkaloids are so quickly absorbed into our body, because they resemble xeronine. Familiar alkaloids are: Cafeine, Nicotine,Theobromine (choclate), Quinine, Theine (tea).

Every alkaloid has a specific effect on our body, it depends on the dose and composition if alkoloids are curative or lethal. In cocaleaves all alkoloids are in balance. By chewing cocaleaves enzymatic processes convert the most of Cocaine into Ecgonine so you don’t experience the “coke rush”. If you ad a litlle burned lime or sodiumbicarbonate to the cocaleaves you do experience a little bit of a coke rush. Because of the alkaline the alkoloids are released very quickly from the leaves.

The consumption of cocaleaves does not stimulate the use of cocaine. It might sound as a paradox but heavy coke users have benefit by chewing cocaleaves. It takes away the craving for coke and helps to reduce or even stop with the use of cocaine. If cocaleaves are availeble most people prefer chewing coca leaves instead of using cocaine. Only a small percentage of coca chewers use cocaine.

List of alkaloids contained in cocaleaves and its properties:

Cocaine   Stimulating, euforic, painkiller.
Ecgonine Gives stamina, regulates the burning of carbohydrates and increases fatt burning.
Quinoline Prevents caries and strengthens the gums.
Globuline Stimulates blood circulation, against altitude sickness and low blood pressure. 
Papaine  Promotes digestion, good for the skin.
Pectine   Anti diarea, absorbtion of poisons.
Reserpine Against high blood pressure.
Benzoine Anti fermenting agent, good for skin, mouth and colon.
Atropine   Dry’s up salival glands, relaxes muscle tonus.
Hygrine   Stimulates salival gland.
Pyridine Stimulates bloodirculation, aproves the oxygen absorption of brain and muscles. 
Conine   Local anaestesia.
Inuline   Improves the production of hemoglobine.
Cocamine Analgetic painkiller, blocks only pain other sensations remain intact.