Coca Liquor

Coca soft drink: a very refreshing and energizing drink. 

Making an alcohol extract of coca leaves is as simple as falling of a log. Choose any strong liquor that you might fancy. Anything will do realy but it's best done with a clear liquor like Wodka, Rum or Gin. Simply put as many leaves as you wish into the bottle of liquor, the more the merrier, and let it sit for as long as you can bear to be patient and watch the clear liquor turn a radiant green color. A week or two usualy suffices, but if you leave it longer the infusion might become stronger. After the leaves have had there time soaking in liquor you can pour a drink straight from the bottle. No need to remove leaves. Now you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage with a twist! 

Do not throw away the leaves because you can use them over and over again. Personaly I have used some batches of  leaves as often as five times. The more often they were used the better the alkaloids disolved into the liquor. After several soaks I started noticing that it took less time to make the infusion, probably because the leaf was already saturated and the alcohol managed to penetrate deep into the leaf. 



Coca liquer as sold in Peru